Planning Ahead: The Importance of Pre-Arranged Burial Plans

Christopher Conner |

Today’s discussion is deeply personal, and it reflects experiences that we often share with our clients to help guide their decisions.

If you’re younger, I urge you to share this message with your parents or grandparents. And if you’re on the older side, it’s crucial that you take action on what I’m about to discuss. In May, I faced the profound loss of both my parents within a week. While their passing was anticipated, the suddenness of their deaths coming so close together was not.

However, they left me with invaluable gifts that eased this difficult time. The first was the pre-arrangement of their final services. When I received the call in the early hours that my father had passed, I wasn’t left scrambling online for what to do next; they had already taken care of it. I simply informed the hospital of the service provider to contact, and everything was handled smoothly from there.

This act of foresight is something every one of us needs to consider—not just for ourselves but for the ease of our children. The stress of searching for funeral arrangements in the midst of grief is a burden no child should bear.

The second gift was the conversations we had about their final wishes. We had discussed in detail what they wanted for their final arrangements. This is not a responsibility you want to leave to your children to guess or argue over. My father had his own unique ideas about his final rest, jokingly suggesting being tied to a north-facing tree, but of course, we knew his real wishes.

I’ve had clients share similar stories of relatives who planned everything down to the funeral playlist. While you don’t need to go into that level of detail, basic decisions like cremation, burial preferences, and specific wishes should be clearly communicated to your family.

These conversations can be uncomfortable, but they are essential. You don’t want your loved ones debating over casket choices or worse, keeping urns on mantles because they weren’t sure of your preferences.

Please, take the time to make these crucial decisions and share them. It’s not just about having your affairs in order—it’s about giving your loved ones peace of mind and clarity when they will need it most.

If you need guidance on how to start this conversation or put a plan into action, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you every step of the way, ensuring that your wishes are clearly understood and respected.

If this message resonates with you, please pass it along. It’s important, and it could make all the difference.