Planning Your Golden Years: A Chat About Retirement with a Twist

Christopher Conner |

Today, I want to address all you retirees out there and those who are on the brink of joining the retirement club. Because let's face it, retirement is a big deal. It's like a one-shot opportunity, and none of us want to mess it up.


Even for me personally, I often find myself pondering, "What's retirement going to look like for me? What do I really want to achieve?"


And here's the thing, I'd love to pose the same question to you – what's your plan?


Let's do a little thought experiment. Picture this: you've got 52 weeks in a year, right? So let's say you dedicate two weeks to travel. That leaves you with a solid 50 weeks. Now, what's the plan for those other 50 weeks? Maybe you'll say, "I'll play golf." Great! But how often? Are we talking seven days a week or just a couple times?


Here at Clarity, we've come up with something we fondly call our "Wheel of Retirement." It's designed to prompt you to think about what a successful retirement looks like and how you can fill your days, weeks, and months with meaningful activities. After all, all the time and effort you've put into planning your golden years deserves to truly shine.


On the back of this wheel, you'll find a sample calendar to give you an idea of how you might structure your days. Because remember, we only get one shot at making retirement count. And speaking of structure, we like to break down retirement into three distinct blocks.


The first ten years are all about checking off items from your bucket list.


The next ten, well, maybe you'll still be doing some exciting things, but at a slightly slower pace.


And the final ten? Well, that's your time to truly kick back and relax.


We're happy to send you a copy of the Wheel of Retirement to get you thinking about how you can maximize your retirement years. Just sent me a DM.


Want to discuss retirement or retirement planning further? I’m always open for a quick chat. Here’s a link to schedule time on my calendar:


Thanks for tuning in, folks. Here's to a weekend filled with relaxation and contemplation about the wonderful years ahead in retirement. Take care!