Scam Alert: Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Calls and Emails

Matthew Barker |

I want to share a quick story that happened to my wife and me last week. Last Friday, my wife called me, shaken up and almost in tears. She had received a call from someone claiming to be a local deputy sheriff, stating that she had missed her jury summons and needed to report to the courthouse immediately. Naturally, this set off alarm bells for both of us.


I hopped on the line with this so-called deputy sheriff, and we had a three-way call. He had a convincing story and even provided documentation via email, showing that my wife had supposedly signed her jury summons. Despite his efforts to sound legitimate, something just didn't feel right.


Thankfully, I reached out to a friend, shared the story, and he immediately confirmed our suspicions: it was a scam. While nothing bad ultimately happened, it left my wife shaken and concerned about her identity, especially considering she had experienced identity theft in the past.


This incident serves as a reminder that we can all fall victim to scams at times. With tax season in full swing, IRS scams are rampant, and advances in technology make it easier for scammers to spoof phone numbers and emails.


So, here's my advice: Stay alert. Pay attention to who's contacting you and be wary of suspicious calls or emails. Check email addresses and subject lines for any red flags. When in doubt, reach out to trusted friends, local family, trusted advisors, or even the local authorities for guidance.


At Clarity Wealth, we're here to support you. If you have financial concerns or doubts about a situation, don't hesitate to reach out. Your financial security is important to us, and we're committed to helping you navigate any challenges that may arise.


Remember, knowledge is power. By staying informed and cautious, you can protect yourself from falling prey to financial scams.