Unconventional Wisdom: Rethinking Social Security Benefits Strategy

Stephen Crawford |

Let's talk about Social Security benefits and why conventional wisdom might not always be your best bet.

You've probably heard the standard advice: wait until your full retirement age, typically around 67, or even hold off until age 70 to maximize your benefits. But here's the thing—what works for one person may not work for another.

Just this week, I was sitting down with a client for retirement planning, and we uncovered something game-changing about her Social Security benefits. Initially, she planned to claim her benefits at age 67. However, she had experienced a heartbreaking loss a few years back—her husband had passed away.

What she didn't realize was that she was entitled to a survivor benefit. After some careful analysis and collaboration with the Social Security Administration, we discovered that claiming this survivor benefit early at age 64, and then waiting until age 70 to claim her own benefit, would significantly boost her retirement income.

By taking this unconventional approach, she's now set up to enjoy more financial freedom in her golden years, allowing her to pursue her dreams and aspirations with confidence.

So, what's the takeaway here? Don't just follow the crowd when it comes to Social Security. Take the time to understand your options, crunch the numbers, and make an informed decision that aligns with your unique circumstances.

Let's rewrite the rules and make sure your retirement plan is tailored to fit your needs.

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